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2011 with my iPhone

Hello! Happy New Year!

I thought I’d compile some photos taken with my phone throughout 2011. I hardly use my phone camera but there were moments this year when having my iPhone was a real godsend, like the time when my stupidity got the better of me and I forgot to charge my DSLR before a photo expedition, or when it was just more convenient to take photos using my phone camera.

These were taken in Southend. I still get annoyed at the thought of not having charged my camera, but at least I got some good shots using some cool apps on the iPhone. Plus it’s not too far away to go back and take some proper shots. In a way I’m glad that I learnt this lesson early on rather than it happening when on holiday!

Here’s the facade of a fish and chip restaurant in Southend. The fish and chips were nothing out of the ordinary, but the prices were quite steep. Who wouldn’t capitalise on their coastal connections?

These are some photos of the pier. We walked on it later in the day but the freezing spring temperatures spurred us towards an early return.

This is Smithfield market, meet meat packing smack in the centre of London. Who would have thought a place that breathes so much masculinity with its meat trucks and men dressed in bloody overalls would be painted in pastel colours: pink and green! I used to walk past this everyday when my work was based in central London and loved its character and pizzazz.

What is this? No, it’s not a movie still from Transformers 4. This is an ice-kacang machine…a block of ice is placed into the pit of its bowels to churn out shaved ice.

This is my favourite stretch of the north-south highway in Malaysia, called Changkat Jering. With 270 degrees curves and tunnels carved through hills, it is like your very own ‘Need for Speed’ game. In fact, it is indeed a race circuit to some mad drivers!

I finish off with some shots of Ipoh, a landlocked city in Malaysia. It’s not exactly a touristy place, but I love some of its old buildings.

Pangkor Island

On my recent trip to Malaysia, my husband and I went to Pangkor Island, which is a small island in the north west coast of Malaysia. The island is about 300km to the north of Kuala Lumpur and requires a drive or bus ride to Sitiawan, followed by a ferry crossover to get to the island. Its slight remoteness makes it a less popular tourist destination compared to other islands in Malaysia, such as Penang and Langkawi. But on the plus side, this means that the island is not overpopulated with tourists, which makes your whole holiday experience a bit more exclusive.

We spent four leisurely days there, doing nothing but lazing by the pool, walking by the beach, eating and then more eating! We didn’t venture out of the resort too much as we enjoyed the idleness, however there are things you can do on the island like going hiking in the forest, visiting a Dutch fort and Chinese temple and wandering around Pangkor town.

Do visit my flickr site for photos of Pangkor. Happy viewing!