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Riots in London

Forgive my seemingly cavalier approach to the use of adjectives in this blog, but given the circumstances it’s anything but. It is senseless, ridiculous, inhumane, crazy, merciless…perpetrated by a group of deranged, moronic, violent, thuggish brutes.

In days to come, hopefully by which time the rioting and looting would have come to an end, the media will no doubt undertake a post-mortem of the situation. Questions would be asked to ascertain the cause of the rioting:

  • Was this the result of an underlying racial undercurrent between the police and some minority groups?
  • Did the economic downturn and unemployment trigger the unrest?
  • Was this caused by growing frustration among deprived communities in London over the lack of political will to address issues faced by them?
  • Was this inevitable, given the lax state of immigration laws over the past 20 to 30 years?

The answer could be ‘yes’ to all of the above questions, however it does not justify the mindless rioting that is going on. So what if the police treated some minority groups differently? Would the actions of these thugs convince them to do otherwise? It would only substantiate their prejudices further. Why can’t the minorities of a nation realise that they have a big responsibility? A responsibility to conduct themselves as truthful, honest, responsible people as they act as ambassadors for their race and that their whole race is judged by their conduct alone in a foreign land?

Did the economic downturn and unemployment trigger this? Perhaps the effects of a poor economy are more palpable to deprived communities, however that does not give them reason to go berserk on the streets, causing grievous bodily harm to others and looting others’ property and possessions. The lives and safety of innocent people are at stake here.

Has there been a lack of political will to address the issues facing deprived communities? Some papers suggested that the budget cuts have caused the closure of youth clubs and the likes, which may have aggravated the frustrations felt by these groups of people. Somehow, I can’t quite imagine these people making use of any available youth groups to improve their lives. If this was the root of their frustrations, they would not have resorted to this kind of violence.

I am quite certain that the issue of immigration in this country will come to the forefront again. Whilst the government is already curbing immigration, the negative repercussion of past policies that allowed an influx of migrants unchecked is inexorable.

Ultimately, we have to stop blaming every problem on outside forces and the failure of the state; and ask ourselves: Where is justice as meted out in the good old days – with longer term sentences and – even capital punishment? Why are people no longer resilient and self-sustaining, causing them to become ‘deprived’ and impoverished? What happened to personal responsibility?