My random ramblings.

Gone Gaddafi!

So…Muammar Gaddafi is allegedly dead.

Toppling of a tyrant.

Death of a dictator.  

The end of an era.

What is it about the year 2011? It seems to be a busy year for the Middle East, don’t you think? It all started with civil unrest in Tunisia, then Egypt, then a series of other Middle Eastern countries followed suit. Next, Obama found Osama and now Mahmoud has found Muammar.

One can only hope that the winds of change continue blowing and this momentum we are witnessing for the retribution of crimes does not slow down.

If my game with names is no coincidence, let’s hope that Morgan topples Mugabe soon!

RIP Gaddafi? You’ve been ripped, that’s for sure, Gaddafi.

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